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Bubba Redux

There's Bill Clinton again, plastered all over the media outlets.  With Obama being compared to Jimmy Carter, Democrats turn their lonely eyes to Clinton.  He's still Handshaker No. 1, a bankable, adored draw.

The Obamas turned out at Clinton's annual Global Initiative. Imagine that?   Bill's enjoying another comeback.  At the moment, the President's stock is low, and there are no other Democrats with anything close to presence, let alone charisma.  Clinton still knows how to light up a room.  In the photo-ops the Obamas are outshone by the former President; not even reflected in his glory. 

First, there is a noticeable  absence of any other notable party leader with more than name recognition.   Second, the Democrats are more of a confederation than a party. With the assistance of an exhausted and discredited Republican administration and a weak candidate at the top of the ticket, the Democrats took power in 2008. Two years, later, they are likely to give it up and then some. Although Congress pushed through signfiicant legislation while the Republicans played Rope-a-Dope, the Democrats act like they are on the run, and maybe that's why they are on the run.  The conventional wisdom is that the administration did not sell its achievements to the electorate. I think Obama is working hard at his job, which can be a full-time position if you're willing to work. O may be a one-term president because, like Carter, he or his administration do not give sufficient to the political requirements of the Presidency. As war is to negotiation, service is to campaigning. He's too smart to think that all he has to do is a good job.

Clinton had many bad moments, and his worst moments were far worse than anything Obama has experienced so far. Clinton is as close to a natural politician as there is.  Obama is a moving, brilliant orator and a man of intelligence and integrity.    He doesn't love the Meet and Greet, and it shows.  One night during the 2007 pre-primaries, the Clintons swept through a dining room from table to table, greeting friends and strangers. Hillary was done after about five minutes. Bill was roaring along until he shook the last hand and bussed the last cheek. She did what was necessary; he did more.

Expect to see Bill on the hustings for candidates in close races. 
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