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America Wurst

Being the Teflon Donald means never having to say you're sorry or to explain yourself. It is unlikely that Mr. Trump's invoking the slogan America First was intended to conjure the spirit of Charles Lindbergh. Colonel Lindbergh was a national hero for being the first person to fly solo non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. His fame catapulted him into elite European circles. He had close contacts and honorary affiliation within Hitler's Third Reich. In the United States in 1941 he took to the hustings to denounce American involvement in the European war. At the same he embraced Hitler's racist views. The America First movement effectively ended when the Japanese Air Force attacked Pearl Harbor.
In Donald Trump's views on foreign-policy, he declared that he would always put the safety and security of "America First" ahead of everything else. He made no reference to the movement of 1940s, and he made no comments embracing any of the philosophy of Adolf Hitler or Charles Lindbergh.
So it seems rather unfortunate Trump did not know the history of the slogan or that it is associated with the most despicable policies of the 20th century. Oops! I would almost rather believe that it was done due to cunning and not ignorance.
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