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Democrats Play Final Jeopardy


The answer is Joe Biden.  Whatever the question is.

Who should be the VP on the 2016 ticket?

Who should run in place of Bernie and Hillary?

Who can beat Trump?

Yes, that's right.  And they are all correct questions. Joe Biden is probably the  best-known and most trusted member of that party.  People believe in his honesty and sincerity.  Over the last eight years, he has learned to put a lid on it.  Joe connects with both the corporate center and the left wing.

But Joe is not running for a good reason. He could not commit himself to it. It appears that there is a new question, with Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the hot seat. The answer is Joe Biden.

Who should be Chairman of the DNC?

Biden would give the party credibility, and I believe that he would do the right thing, meaning that he will ensure a fair convention and will promote the candidate most likely to succeed, other than himself.  Unfortunately, I don't think he is eligible.  He has a full-time job.

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