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A Case of the DTs


     If I go more than three days without a Donald Trump media gaffe,  I wake up shaking and disoriented. The room spins, I hear voices.  Fortunately, I haven't suffered this affliction recently.  The past few days of the Trump Turnberry Goodwill Tour were burnished with moments of megalomania. I've collected enough to hold me through Labor Day.

     The backstory of Trump's takeover of the venerable Turnberry links has been told well and often. Like an Airedale marking territory, he had to have this golf course in his collection, if only to turn it into another glitzy Trump destination; eventually to fail.  In the process he has alienated his neighbors, the politicians in his district and Scotland in its entirety. Just this week, the UK Supreme Court threw out his case to pull down the wind farm that vengeful Scots built just offshore of Trump Turnberry's scenic vista. What a coincidence!

    Showing a deep knowledge of local politics, he congratulated Scotland on voting to leave the European Union.  Regrettably, Scotland actually voted to remain. England voted to leave.  The Scots are considering a second referendum to separate from England in order to stay with the EU. So much for the briefing book.

   His appearance at Turnberry prompted his beleaguered neighbors to hoist Mexican flags, in solidarity with their North American simpaticos, whom Trump has promised to wall off. Those are among the same neighbors whose land Trump wanted to seize.  He was picketed, pilloried and posterized. He was strafed with insults and taunts that put his feeble attempts to shame.  Being called Lying or Little or Crooked is nothing compared to being called Tiny-fingered, Cheeto-faced, ferret wearing shitgibbon. And worse.

Not to mention that he took most of the week off from the campaign for his sojourn to the Old Sod. In some polls, he has dropped behind Hillary Clinton by double-digits.  The Republicans found the situation so dire that they sent Mitch McConnell, the stone-faced master of the Senate, before the Sunday pundits.  Even poor Mitch broke character trying to parry questions about Donald's excellent adventure.

Donald Trump took this ill-advised trip when his campaign is struggling. His party is pulling away with both engines fully thrust. He is so lacking in preparation and politesse that he does not even know his host's position on the most important issue in the world at this moment.

I'll sleep well tonight.

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