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Audition by Proxy

At the close of the Democrat's sit-down protest in the House of Representatives this week, Joaquin Castro emerged as a spokesman for the protesters. Or was it his twin brother, Julian?  They've been known to stand in for each other, like escapees from "The Parent Trap."  So there is Joaquin being interviewed on MSNBC, and I'm thinking, hmm, maybe it's Julian.  Either way, it's my first glimpse of a face and voice on the inside track for the Vice Presidential nomination.

Hillary is supposedly vetting Julian, Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine. Julian is only 41 years-old. He looks younger but talks like someone much more seasoned.  He has enormous potential.  He's smart, quick, articulate and grounded.  He's Secretary of HUD now.  He'll probably get another Cabinet post that will groom him for higher office; he's got no foreign policy portfolio.

Warren is more effective in the Senate for the next four years. She will be a star on the campaign trail anyway.  She would languish as Veep. It's that kind of job.

Kaine is able. He has some policy conflicts with Hillary but that shouldn't bust up a good thing.  After all Lyndon and Hubert won in a landslide in 1964 against Barry (Seriously, you're not Jewish?) Goldwater, the most conservative Republican in captivity up to that time.  All Lyndon had to do was make a safe choice, which Hubert was.

The same goes for Hillary.  She doesn't need to take a flyer in picking a running mate. Tim Kaine is unobjectionable, and that is all she needs.  You probably didn't read it here first.

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