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Summer Storms


For the second time, protesters yesterday adopted aggressive tactics against Trump supporters emerging from a San Jose rally. The malcontents let loose a fusillade of eggs and water balloons against the defenseless Trumpists. The winter clouds, thus seeded with Trump's professions of bigotry and mob justice, are producing summer squalls of social unrest.

The San Jose police department, trained primarily to ticket Teslas parked in No Standing zones, was unable to control the assemblage. Nevertheless, those officers arriving on the scene eventually broke up the demonstration, confiscating eggs and gathering up the balloons. "We're in the middle of a drought," said one officer, asking to remain anonymous. One egg-tossing protester, undaunted, warned, "Next time we won't poach them first."

Meanwhile, in San Diego, Hillary Clinton delivered what was promoted as a foreign policy speech. It is being acclaimed her finest moment of the campaign so far. San Diego is the home of the Pacific Fleet. This presented Secretary Clinton with an ideal backdrop for ripping Mr. Trump for his lack of competence in foreign matters. Working with Mr. Trump's own words, Clinton reminded the crowd that Mr. Trump is his own advisor on foreign policy by reason of his "good brain." Not to be overlooked is his considerable experience running the Miss Universe pageant in Russia. Retired  part-time Alaska governor Sarah Palin has attested to Mr. Trump's deft  handling of this summit, at least those parts she was able to watch from her porch.

 Secretary Clinton's high-pressure front has had the secondary effect of pushing Bernie Sanders' campaign a bit farther out to sea.  Forecasters predict that the pelting, physical and verbal, will continue unabated until early November.

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