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No, But I Play One on TV


In Happier Times

Donald Trump offered John Kasich the Vice-Presidency with virtually unlimited powers.  Trump's son, who had the discussion with Kasich, denies the allegation.

"You know the way I conduct myself. Do you really believe I would say, '(John Kasich) is in charge of foreign and domestic policy and (Donald Trump) will focus on making America great again'? What am I, a meathead?" he told CNN.  Sometimes, I really love rhetorical questions. Kasich's version fits Trump's m.o. better than Trump's version. Trump wants to be a brand. 
Forget all the lying eyes from Ivanka Trump about him being a lunch pail kind of guy. Trump is a brand. Nothing beats the brand like President Trump. I think Kasich is "truthier" and in this case, the glove fits.

Trump supporters by now must recognize that their guy is a mile wide and an inch deep. He's looking forward to working 18 hours day like he's looking forward to a case of shingles.
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