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The Fix Was in the Mail


Bernie Sanders was right all along, when he accused Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic National Committee of fixing the primary against him. The DNC emails leaked the day before the convention are incontestable. Schultz was forced to step down before the big event.  Donna Brazile will take over, and the show will go on.  Bernie is furious, and he has the right to be.

One word from him, and the convention would devolve into a riot that would make the recently finished Republican debacle seem as placid as High Tea. Bernie won’t do that. He stated clearly today that beating Trump was his paramount concern. Tearing down the Democrats would be counterproductive. His supporters will be unruly bout they will follow suit. 

Bernie is holding a marker, though, and it will be interesting to see when and how he cashes it in. Bernie’s top concern is campaign finance and income inequality. He will undoubtedly have a place at the table in the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. Merrick Garland’s dream is over now, no matter the promises that had been made to him.  The next person on the bench will be as far to the left as the Senate can pass. I expect also that he will want a voice in Treasury for the overhaul of tax policy and enforcement.

 Unless Hillary was involved and sloppy enough to use email, the bleeding will stop here.  It’s a political party. Congressional Republicans can’t hold a hearing. They can only criticize.  If anyone is holding an Ace, it’s Bernie. I’m sure he's mad, but he’d prefer to get even.

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