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If the Republican brain trust figures out how to part ways with Donald Trump, there is only one person to replace him:  Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez announced his retirement from baseball, falling just 4 home runs short of reaching the magic number of 700.   He'll start his new role as a New York Yankee consultant and special instructor in February.  Between now and then, he's got a lot of free time.

On the list of the most hated people of all time.  Donald Trump came in at #18.  Hillary Clinton was #142.  A-Rod didn't even break the top 1,000. After today's tearful retirement speech, some fans are wishing him well.  Probably not his fellow players.

Nobody in baseball has lied more than A-Rod.  He lied about not taking steroids. When he was caught, he lied again.  He lied so bad that he got thrown out of baseball for an entire season because of his steroid use.  That's one record he holds. 

As bad as that might seem, being the country's most dishonest ball player is not in the same league as being a cheating corporate executive (#9), a shyster lawyer (#7) or a money-grubbing Congressman (#2).  By the way, lobbyists were #1. That's understandable because most of them are corporate executives, lawyers or former members of Congress. 

With all of A-Rod's plusses, the only argument against putting him on the ballot is his lack of experience.  However, that doesn't seem to be an obstacle this year.

Besides, he is one of baseball's richest stars. In 2007, he opted out of his Yankee contract, fired his agent and negotiated a new contract for $275 million. Talk about the Art of the Deal--and he hasn't filed for bankruptcy even once.

 The Republicans should act quickly if they are serious about picking up A-Rod's option for the fall campaign.  In a week, he can sign up with another ball club, and he'll be looking for one with a short porch in left field.

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